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Inclusion Education
Inclusion: An Innovative approach to Education Support

At Nilai International School we believe in the development of the whole child – intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual. To this end, Nilai International School provides an Education Support Unit for children with Asperger Syndrome and High-functioning Autism (ASD), in partnership with Western Autistic School in Melbourne, Australia, a school with an international reputation for being at the cutting edge of education and excellence in teaching children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. NIS is the only international school in Malaysia and in South East Asia that presently offers such a program. The highly trained and experienced support staff will prepare an individual program for a range of learning styles, based on assessments and recommendations by a Child Educational Psychologist.

One of the many issues faced by children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder is anxiety, which can severely impact on their ability to learn, develop friendships and function appropriately in the community. The Education Support Unit provides a facility and the staff to help students regulate their own anxiety levels in a carefully designed sensory room. The Education Support Unit contributes to making the school environment a productive and pleasant place to learn.

There are weekly intensive social and communication training classes for primary students - Kids’ Café and secondary students - ‘Teens CAFÉ’ (Communication and Friendship Education). Students will learn effective communication and social skills so they can develop and maintain appropriate friendships with their peers, learn about emotions such as anxiety, and how to manage them and improve self esteem through a variety of games and activities.

Nilai International School is committed to transforming children into individuals capable of living in and contributing to their society. In addition, the Education Support Unit provides students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, the opportunity to develop skills needed to reach their full potential.
Class Placement

To encourage social interaction the special child will be placed with his peers according to his chronological age.
Conditions of Acceptance

Before a child is accepted into Nilai International School he/she will undergo an assessment at Shine Child Guidance Centre.
Upon recommendation from Shine, the students will then be assessed by the Education Support Unit in order to develop an individual learning program specifically catered to their strengths and needs.
Western Autistic School Program for Students with Aspergers Syndrome

The program aims to:
Provide an academic program
Develop spontaneous communication
Develop social skills and interactions
Develop strategies to maintain appropriate behaviour
Broaden and develop leisure activities
Provide an environment structured so as to encourage self-regulation, self expression and the freedom to achieve their full potential
Promote independence, healthy self-esteem and maintain the dignity of all students, always.
Nurture the acquisition of life skills necessary to enable successful integration into the greater community
Program Strategies

Provide a predictable and safe environment by establishing routines, using structured activities and visual supports such as schedules.
Facilitate the development of interpersonal skills by providing structured activities with set patterns and roles with the focus on the social process rather than the end product. Staff use a variety of teaching methods and facilitate modelling, practise and rehearsal to establish the social skills required for students to navigate their way through from the playground to the wider community.
Expose students to a range of age-appropriate leisure activities that encourage active socialization and limit time spent on solitary activities such as computer games.

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